Realising every millennial’s worst nightmare, some poor British sod has taken a five hour round trip after falling asleep on what was supposed to be a 30-min Uber ride. 

Aaron Wray, an 18-year-old computer science student, has been charged AUD $752 (£467) after nodding off on what was supposed to be a short, 13km nip from Croydon to Brixton, south of London

But while Aaron insists he had both entered the correct address and confirmed his postcode verbally before falling asleep, the Uber somehow ended up in Bristol – approximately 225km away – before his driver realised the mistake and turned around.

Aaron, who woke with two hours to go as the two were heading back to London, doesn’t remember arriving in Bristol at all:

“My phone was dead so I just had to sit there. 

“I tried to ask the driver but he couldn’t really speak English. I have no memory of it stopping and I didn’t get out of the car.”

How this exactly happened is at yet unclear; Aaron believes the Bristol address was added mistakenly after confirming a Brixton trip with his driver Abdi, but Uber has since claimed the original destination, which is reportedly also home to Aaron’s university, was input as Bristol. 

Either way, Aaron only realised what had happened after returning home to his understandably pissed off parents:

“I got home at about 8am or 9am.

“It was all my money for a month gone. I was furious.”

Since being contacted by The Sun, Uber has agreed to refund Wray’s fee as a gesture of goodwill for “what was clearly an unfortunate mistake“.

But as this excellent exchange with his friend Grace Kelly shows, Wray still gave old mate Abdi one star for his troubles.

And look. Whether or not it was Aaron’s fault, let they who has not made the first Uber mistake cast the first stone. New Year’s Eve surges have officially ruined a few lives now. Mistaken pickups have become fucking rampant

Hell, I once spent an entire Saturday night out in Footscray because I was too embarrassed to admit to the cabbie/an out-of-town friend that I’d meant Fitzroy.

Still, maybe just go a taxi next time Aaron?

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Fox.