As someone who has suffered from dry hair with split ends my whole life, I’m always hunting for things that’ll get me somewhat closer to frizz-free, soft hair at all times. The Silke London Hair Wrap  is one of the first products in ages that’s made a difference.

The Silke London Hair Wrap is basically a small cap you wear to bed. It’s elasticised around the back, so it fits comfortably even when you have a giant bonce like I do. It’s basically harnessing the power of silk in protecting your hair from frizz, breakage and knots.

If you’re across silk pillowcases and a big fan, you’re probably already sold. For anyone not across, here’s the deal. Silk is gentle on hair and skin, it doesn’t absorb moisture (for skin this means your skincare stays on your face, and doesn’t leech into your pillow) but it’s also slippery, so as you move in the night your hair is less likely to retain damage from dragging or getting stuck.

But the Silke London wrap goes one step further.

1. I Don’t Need Hair Ties Anymore

Using hair ties when sleeping isn’t the best practice when you’re trying to avoid damage, but as someone with a lot of hair – I fucking hate wearing it out to bed. It gets stuck everywhere and is super uncomfortable. So I’ve always slept with my hair tied up and just dealt with the extra styling I need to do in the morning to fix the kinks.

No I just shove all of my hair up into the Hair Wrap. I generally just twist my hair up, lean over so it stays in place and then pop the cap on, shoving any stray bits into it afterward.

Most nights the cap stays on my head – sometimes I woke up with it off, but it was rare.

2. My Blow Dries Were Prolonged

There’s nothing worse than spending $$ (or taking the time yourself) on a blow dry and then finding it turns into a frizzy mess after 24 hours. I used to do the stocking-tie-up thing for mine, but this works way better because while the stocking trick would leave me without kinks in my hair, the top would rub on my pillow and need fixing in the morning.

3. It’s Also Great For Curls

I wear my hair curly most days, and the hair wrap is great for keeping curls bouncy and kink-free. I wouldn’t say it’s foolproof on this front – sometimes when I’ve worn my hair damp to bed and put the hair wrap on, my curls have dried a bit strangely. But when they’re dry and I bundle them up in there, they retain their shape and bounce.

4. It’s Not So Great For Fringes

One thing I want to note – the Silke London Hair Wrap hasn’t worked on my fringe. It’s pretty obvious that shoving your fringe back into a cap isn’t going to leave you with a perfect-sitting fringe in the morning. I tried leaving my fringe out and putting the hair wrap over the rest of my hair, but it wasn’t very comfortable.

Now I just spritz my fringe with some water and let it dry again (I wear it curly).

It’s not cheap – it’ll cost you $96. But you don’t have to replace it – it’s washable, good quality and obviously since you’re wearing it to bed, you’d have to work really hard to ruin it. Like, don’t feed it to your dog and you’re good.

I think I’d recommend it to people without a fringe, you’ll get the most out of it. Also, anyone who styles their hair every day because they need to iron out kinks or add curls would find it amazing, I think – over people with natural curls.

Image: Instagram / @silkelondon