I hate drawing so much, probably because I’m so bad at it. All through my primary school years I was plagued by lazy ink hands, every piece I did ended up looking like a fluorescent meat pie flattened out by the soles of ones shoe. Except somehow 1 of my drawings won a Christmas art comp and ended up on the front of a pamphlet sent out by our local Member of Parliament to 80 000 homes… I got lucky? Bar that little piece of useless trivia and I’ll quit the ramble. What I was trying to say is; I have massive r.e.s.p.e.c.t. for anyone who can delight my eyes with a pencil hence Shoboshobo. The best part is they’re massively multifaceted; books, clothes, fashion, drawings, parties – everything.

Their stuff is groovy and their clothes are handmade – you can buy it all via the link above.

If you need some desktop fod there’s over 1500 drawings to choose from on their site.

There’s also a corner dedicated to brown rubertape; the idea is to collect pictures showing spaces or items bodjed up with brown ruber tape or any kind of ruber tape. There’s over 100 + you can submit your own.