Shannon Noll Is Copping Twitter Heat From People Who Think He Is A US Comic

Remember the shock of getting on the line for the first time and discovering that other people had the same name as you, so to shut out those clear imposters some of us used usernames and handles that had “real” or “official” in the title, as though that would definitively prove that you are the primary owner of that name and all others are pale imitations and frauds?
Poor old mate Shannon Noll, Nollsie to his mates (which is all of us), is in the middle of a curious case of mistaken identity: He’s copping heat from Twitter users all accusing him of being a hectic creep for taking shots at Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron.
Problem is, they all think they’re anonymously abusing a female US comedian.
As it turns out there is a different Shannon Noll, one who presumably wasn’t robbed of any TV singing show title in 2003.
The alternative Shannon Noll is a Chicago-based comedian with a very large bone to pick with the Trump family. Chicago Shannon is currently using her rather tenuous resemblance to Barron Trump as the basis of a stage play, ‘Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime.’ Per the show’s description:

“‘Up Past Bedtime’ begins as Melania Trump tucks Barron in for the night. He then secretly stays awake to explore a fantastical world, a la Pee-Wee’s Playhouse‘, populated by the likes of Vladimir Putin and Ben Carson.”

Here’s a short promo clip for the show featuring Chicago Shannon in-character as Barron Trump, for your enjoyment.

Problem is, is that Trump supporters don’t particularly take too kindly to anyone taking pot shots at Barron Trump, given his whole “10-years-old”-ness. And as anyone with an internet connection and an egg avatar is wont to do, they’ve been venting frustrations towards the first Shannon Noll they could find on Twitter. The poor, innocent, caught-in-the-crossfire @NOLLSIE.

Aussie Shannon, much like his 2004 chart-topping hit ‘What About Me,’ has had enough. And now he is getting his share. Not only did Nollsie address the issue broadly…

…but he’s going after his errant attackers with the front foot, blasting them on a case-by-case basis.

That should settle any confusion. And if it doesn’t, a Noll fan by the name of Tricia has also taken up online arms for the cause.

Fucken oath, Trish. You the real MVP.

To reiterate: Shannon Noll, noted Crazy Horse-lover and victim of the greatest theft in Australian reality TV history, is *NOT* taking the piss out of Barron Trump in a low-rent comedy play in Chicago.

Source: Twitter.