Shakuhachi Founder Says She Has No Part In Its Finances After ‘ACA’ Sting

Earlier this morning we wrote a story on A Current Affair‘s sting operation on Shakuhachi founder, Jessica White, who allegedly owes 80 creditors over a million bucks.
Reporter Chris Allen approached White in a Bali cafe, where he greeted her, chirping “you look like you’re having a good time here in Bali!”
The segment was underscored by none other than Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like (to really drive home the ‘living large’ narrative), and showed secretly-taken footage of White dancing and sippin’ cocktails in the Indonesian sun, interspersed by sober complaints-to-camera by disgruntled customers. 
White has since supplied a statement to PEDESTRIAN.TV shooting down claims that she is in any way still involved with the day-to-day happenings of the Shakuhachi brand:
“At present, my only involvement with Shakuhachi is consulting and advising on design. Since Shakuhachi was acquired by Loft HK Limited, I have not been involved in the day to day running of the business or any of the retail sites in either Australia or Indonesia. The online store is run exclusively by Loft HK Limited and I have no involvement with orders, purchasing or the fulfilment of any goods. I am not receiving any funds from the sale of Shakuhachi clothing either in-store or online. My understanding is that Loft HK Limited are working closely with all consumers and Fair Trading to resolve any complaints, provide a refund and/or fulfil all outstanding orders.”
While White claims she doesn’t receive funds from the “sale of Shakuhachi clothing either in-store of online,” it’s hard to imagine she’s not getting paid for her consulting role at the company.
Here’s a preview of the ep, if you’re keen:

Moral of the story: don’t be fuckin’ with women and their online shopping.
Photo: A Current Affair.