Sexy Lookin’ Water Bottles That Somehow Make H2O Taste Better

Plastic water bottles not only look disgusting, they’re also ruining our environment. 
Only one in five of them are recycled. That’s dire because they take anywhere between 400 – 1,000 years to decompose. Bad.
There’s heaps more scary and terrible facts about the evil of plastic, but there’s an alternative; buying a sleek, reusable bottle, baby. 
Here are our picks of the lot.

Today’s water infusion, simple, just add strawberries. A great way to make your water a little more delicious and nutritious.

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The Mous (yes, it’s pronounced ‘mouse’) Fitness Bottle is an Aussie invention by Melbourne blokes, Jarahad Valeri and Matthew Kempe.
It’s protein shaker bottle, water infuser and sleek water bottle all in one. The beauty of this nifty product is that it’s got a round bottom, meaning your protein powder won’t get stuck in any corners and create a hell-raising stench. It’s so genius that it was included in the nuts Oscars swag bag this year.
Each bottle is made from the highest-quality BPA-free, non-toxic materials and you can get your swole mitts on one for a very reasonable AUD$35.


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I have one of these, and every time I whip it out in public, without fail, I get the same question: “what is that?!”

The Memo Bottle has reinvented the wheel here. The container is rectangle, and apart from those ones you used to get in those early ’00s lunchboxes, that’s pretty revolutionary. It fits easily into backpacks and briefcases.

It comes in two sizes: A5 (AUD$29.00) and A6 (AUD$26.00). You can mix and match with different lids (inc. pastel pink!). A buck from every online order is donated to, providing access to safe water for one person for 10 months.

Hey you, drink some water.

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Around since 2011, bkr want to rid the world of fugly plastic bottles and replace them with lovely, reusable ones. 
The fact is, every liquid substance tastes better when you drink it outta a glass vessel. The bottles’ small mouths and silicone sleeves are instantly recognisable and provide a superior drinking experience.
We’re obsessed with their adorable heart range featuring the text “you pooped in my bathroom too soon.“, which is frankly perfect and I’m buying one right this instant. It’s 500ML and around AUD$46.

We’re partial to bottle service

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Doesn’t matter what your favourite colour is, there’ll be a S’well Bottle in it.

Hot pink, marble, timber, glitter sparkling champagne and mother of pearl are just some of the choice colour ways. It’s not just a pretty bottle; they’re manufactured in insulated stainless steel, meaning your water will stay cold and won’t sweat in your bag. Cost? A big one will set you back AUD$59.00.

And als’well that ends well.
Photo: @memobottle / Instagram.