Time and time again, the task of social media community management has proven itself to be a merciless crucible through which all working in online content creation must pass to prove their mettle and claim their rightful place at the helm of a brand’s crucial online presence.

It’s unfortunate then that in the excitement leading up to their flagship store launch tomorrow in Sydney, Sephora Australia’s presumably very recently employed social media manager failed to take the letter ‘O’ into consideration when they began their ‘#CuntdownToBeauty’ earlier this week. 

What we’re then left with is one of the more heavy-handed hashtag-related gaffes in recent memory: one that – even though it pales in comparison with Susan Boyle’s album party – no amount of hastily applied concealer could rectify. 

Welcome to ‘Straya, Sephora. We love a good Countdown here. 

via Mumbrella