How To Get Your Semi-Wavy Hair That Never Sits Right To Finally Do What You Want

I have curly hair, but I would say the majority of my friends fall into the category of semi-wavy when it comes to hair type. As far as I can tell, their hair looks amazing… until you ask them about it.

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Talk to anyone with semi-wavy hair about how they make it “look so good” and you’ll see their eye twitch uncontrollably. That’s because it’s fucking hard to make it go right, and so, so easy for it to sit limply in weird kinks looking like shit.

But one genius trick people overlook is the right cut. A good cut on semi-wavy hair can do absolute wonders for styling, encouraging your natural waves to sit normally ALL the time, not just once a week on the day you’re just choofing down to the corner store (mood, right?).

I asked genius hairdresser Amanda Tua what semi-wavy hair folks should ask for.

1. Layers Are Your Friend

Yes, really. Forget the weird jagged layers of your youth (who hasn’t gotten a mullet from a dodgy hairdresser, amirite), a good stylist will nail subtle layering that’ll encourage your natural movement.

“Layers and texture are key for a wash and wear haircut with minimal styling,” says Amanda.

So think about letting your (trusted!!) hairdresser go nuts with some layers next time you head to the salon.

2. Texture Spray > Hairspray

Forget hairspray for setting your styles, what you need is to add texture to your hair so it looks piecey and has movement. Texture sprays add bulk rather than stickiness, so you get extra volume and also more definition for your waves.

This one rules, and also smells like the beach. Bonus.

IGK Beach Club Texture Spray, $42

3. Get On Board With The Shag

Scared of the word “shag”? No, I’m not talking about a mullet – I’m talking about shaggy layers that really get waves going.

“The shag is a great wash and wear style for wavy hair and can be tailored to suit your desired look – for maximum curl, volume & 70s rockstar vibes choose shorter layers. Or for a softer, more modern version (ie. Alexa Chung) opt for longer layers, and curtain bangs to frame the face.”

There’s a shag to suit everyone, so have a google around the internet to see the varying lengths and styles to find what suits your vibe.

4. One Thing Is For Sure, No Straight Cuts

Straight, blunt ends are a surefire way to make semi-wavy hair more… well, shit to work with.

“One length styles with no texture are a big no no! They create flat roots and that triangle shape.”

Even if your style is a blunt bob, get some layers through it to limit the triangle-ness of the style and encourage root lift.

5. Dry Cuts Are Heaven

If your hairdresser is comfortable with it, ask for them to cut your hair dry.

“Dry haircuts are great as the hair can be shaped in its natural form, find a stylist that cuts both wet and dry.”

Contrary to popular belief, dry cutting won’t damage your hair or make it look shit – if anything it helps your stylist to know how your hair naturally sits, and gives them a better idea of where layers need to be added for movement and shape.