Scott Schuman Dares To Speak Ill of Bill Cunningham

Person with opinions, street style photographer and diminutive Lance Armstrong lookalike Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist won’t be exchanging Christmas cards with Bill Cunningham this year.

The noted player hater, speaking of the legendary New York Times photographer who his entire professional existence seems indebted to, had this to say to Women’s Wear Daily: “You know, I hate to say it. I’m sure everyone thinks he’s a lovable guy, and I’m sure he is. We’ve never had a conversation. The only conversation we’ve ever had is when I’m trying to shoot someone and he says, ‘Hey, get out’”.

“His photographs, I think they’re nice,” he continued. “They’re just a totally different style from me. I don’t think they’re bad, really just a different style. He’s really reportage, shoot, snap, he’s just going, going, going…you can literally really see it on his face, the joy that he still has for fashion.”

Ugh. A more passive-aggressive quote you will not encounter this week. Here is Schuman in less douchier times…