Scientists Reckon Sydney Could Be As Sweaty Hot As North Queensland By 2090

It’s no secret the world’s warming. Maybe you’re hitting the surf a day or two earlier, or just keen to flash a little skin in July (you brave soul you). New data from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO has shown us the harsh reality of what life might be like in the world of tomorrow. Spoilers: it’s bloody hot.
No one moves to Melbourne for the climate – but if we don’t stop pumping out CO2 like it’s another Chainsmokers remix, it’ll basically become a beachside town. Heating up by a whopping 4.2°C it’ll put the city into the leagues of Forbes, Condobolin and Pingelly, which I’ve just learnt is a place. Crack open a tinnie – you’re gonna need it.
Sydney‘s got it even tougher. Rising be the same temperature, locals will feel the heat of Northern Queensland with an average of 27°C. If you’re a fan of rum – you’re in luck: Bundaberg will feel like home, so get yourself geed for supporting the inevitable winners of the 2090 State Of Origin.
Already most of Australia is a degree up since 1910 – which might make those full body swimsuits a little more bearable.
On the plus side – with sea temperatures rising by 3.1 degrees, you’ll have no excuse to ever pull your prune-like butt out of the surf.
To make it simpler, the CSIRO have put together a beaut little video showing how we’re all basically fukt.

Long story short, we should probably cut down on climate change. Try turning off your second TV every once in a while (it’s months before Game of Thrones comes back anyway)
Brush up on the report at the CSIRO website HERE.
Source: CSIRO
Photo: Anchorman