Here’s The Best Time Of Year To Save Big Buck$ On Your Online Shopping

While we cannot speak for everyone, we’re pretty confident in saying that many of us here today have upwards of five online shopping carts open on our laptops rn that are chockers with outfits we’re lusting over.

But we’re not made of money, so we don’t often follow through on those carts full of dreams – the occasional drunken eBay sesh aside. Sure, we’d love to update our entire wardrobe with the seasons, but who can afford to?

Well the thrifty and clever among us know when the best time of year is to update your wardrobe and save big bucks doing it, and luckily one of them deigned to speak to us so we could share their secrets with you: Amber Hodgeman, Head of Product at online fashion retailer Showpo.

And let me tell ya, you don’t need to have dolla dolla bills comin’ outta your eyeballs to be on top of all the latest fash trends.

Hodgeman says the best days of the year to shop online for current season fashion are the obvious ones: Vogue Online Shopping Night (last year it was December 6), Black Friday (November 23, the day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (November 26, the Monday after Black Friday).

But to get your hands on last season’s wares, you’re better off shopping in January or June:

For the bigger sales on past season opt for January and June, however smaller sales for past seasons styles happen all year round. Retailers will typically add new styles to their sales category every month and some even add styles every week.

A clever way to either catch up or get ahead of seasonal fashion trends according to Hodgeman is to keep your ear to the ground in December/January, and July/August. “My tip is to shop online retailers in the opposite season to you,” she says. “The Northern Hemisphere tends to have trends before we do Down Under so you get buy the new season trends on discount. Win win!

But she says there’s no way of predicting what day of the week your fave brand will surprise you with a sale. “Every retailer is different, so the best way to see when your favourite brand is going on sale is to follow their social media,” she says. “That’s where discount codes tend to be posted: on Instagram, Facebook and in Insta Stories.”

Finally, Hodgeman recommends using apps like Pinterest and Honey to save $$ online shopping, and to keep track of all your fash interests.

My favourite thing to do is pin styles I love from websites to my Pinterest account. Every month I go in and see if any of the styles I have pinned are now discounted and I buy them. Also, apps like Honey will automatically apply any active discount codes to your shopping cart, saving you the hassle of finding a discount code.

Brb, just downloading Honey/putting all those dates in my iCal.

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