Sarah Bahbah, Whose Iconic Art Is All Over Your Instagram, Has Launched A Dope Loungewear Line

sarah bahbah lazy cake loungewear

Australian-Palestinian artist Sarah Bahbah has launched a range of loungewear, finally bringing her famed and deeply-relatable image captions to a line of merchandise. Ever wanted to wear a jumper that has “I’m my own muse” stitched across the chest? Well, now you bloody well can.

She’s just kicked off her new business, Lazy Cake, which she calls her passion project and features a small collection of brightly-coloured tracksuits embroidered with selected quotes from her Instagram, which has become a cult fave among many who scroll through and mumble “ugh, mood”.

On her Insta, Sarah said that the new loungewear project is an extension of the art we’ve come to know and love, and is a bit of a thanks to those who have always shown up to support her and her work.

“Lazy Cake is a premium collectible series of sweatsuits made in LA that feel like fucking clouds to touch,” she said.

“This new endeavour is an expansion of my core values as an artist, and with it, I am bringing my most popular subtitles embroidered right on the suits.”

The LA-based artist went on to say that Lazy Cake is also something for her as well – a big reminder to not feel any shame in slowing down and really leaning into being lazy every once in a while. Which, after this absolute binfire of a year, I 100% vibe with.

“I created Lazy Cake with the motivation to give the middle finger to ‘grind’ culture,” she said.

“I have always been on the fucking hustle to fulfil all my goals, thinking I never had enough time to rest. Sacrificing my mental health in its entirety to get shit done was my norm. I was never able to pause without feeling the weight of guilt or shame.

“I’m a badass boss bish, AND I can also be lazy AF. That’s what these sweatsuits represent to me. This is my uniform for rest and recovery. When I wear them, I am intentionally giving myself permission to chill the fuck out in whatever way that suits me without guilt or shame.”

Sarah Bahbah has launched Lazy Cake with five different sets: Muse, Emotional, Sanity, Wine, and Orgasms. They’re all on preorder right now for $323 a set, which I’m gonna go ahead and treat as an investment in my own comfort.

Each loungewear set has its own subtitle emblazoned across the front, like the fave “I’m not available for the emotionally unavailable” and “I gave myself three orgasms and a pizza”, each really leaning in on the energy of being gloriously and unashamedly lazy.

sarah bahbah lazy cake tracksuitsImage: Lazy Cake

The first collection of cosy comfies are up for preorder from now until December 14 over on the Lazy Cake website.