It’s currently Paris Men’s Fashion Week, which means fashion houses trying to outdo themselves with the world’s stupidest clothes and shoes.

Except no one need bother again, because Sankuanz have done it for eternity.

What the actual FUCK is this shit.

Sorry, But What The Actual Shit Are These?
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I mean I can see what it is. It is a shoe inside another shoe. The turducken of shoes, if you will.

Sorry, But What The Actual Shit Are These?

What I really want to know is, why did anyone think this was a good idea. Not everything you think in your brain is good, designer person who did this. For example, giant Jesus-sandal shoe guards for your sneakers is a decidedly terrible idea.

Sorry, But What The Actual Shit Are These?

Here are the only things these abominations would be useful for, in my life.

  • Throwing at my sister’s head when she annoys me.
  • As a pool float for my pool beer.
  • If I stick some string on the front I could make a fun little pulley-car for a guinea pig.
  • To hold my door open when it’s windy.
  • To wear when taking out the garbage.
  • Maybe as a zesty serving platter for some mezze stuff, like olives and shit idk.

The end.

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