Samuel Johnson is riding high after taking out the ~prestigious~ Gold Logie last night but it’s a high of the all-natural variety, unlike some of his peers. Just ask him.

Shooting the shit with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, the 38-year-old – who dedicated the accolade for his turn as Molly Meldrum in the Seven biopic ‘Molly’ to his terminally-ill sister Connie, leaving everyone teary-eyed – admitted he’d “had no sleep”.

But instead of heading to the official after-party, Johnson went straight home to celebrate the career highlight with his nearest and dearest (including Connie, of course). 

Kyle sympathised with his decision, saying: 

“You haven’t got time to fraternise with other celebrities and coke binge parties, he’s got his family to look after.”

Then, without missing a beat, Johnson gave this amazingly unfiltered response.

“Well, look, I don’t need to be going and doing blow with all the Home and Away cast.”

Cue much guffawing from the entire studio.

Why single out H&A? Maybe it was the first show that popped into his head. Or maybe he’s speaking from personal experience. 

Samuel Johnson Bailed On Logies After-Party Bc He Wasn’t Keen On Nose Beers

Either way, he’s just gone up about 10 notches in our book.

Photo: Scott Barbour / Getty.