After fifteen years, Samantha Wills has announced she’ll be closing down her label of luxury and modern bohemian and bridal jewellery.

Following media reports of the closure, Wills confirmed the news via a letter posted to her social media channels earlier today.

The jewellery designer first broke into the industry in 2004, where at the age of 22, she started her own line named SAMANTHA WILLS Jewellery from her kitchen table. In the years since, Wills has been considered one of our leading jewellery designers in the industry.

In 2016, Wills founded the SAMANTHA WILLS Foundation, created to empower women in business through designer’s own experiences throughout the years and by spotlighting women in business smashing goals.

Wills captioned her post: “This was definitely not an easy decision to make, but I know in my heart it is the right one. I chose to close instead of sell, a decision made to honour the last 15 years of this brand and its values of authenticity, kindness, empathy.” 

Her official statement explained Wills is extremely happy and proud of just how far her business has come but ultimately, “it’s time to find a new journey to commence.” 

I am so proud of this brand, and as with anything, it has celebrated success, and also experienced failures. I believe sharing these vulnerabilities with transparency is a responsibility to pay forward what my time and experience has taught me.

I will continue to share this in my writing and public speaking, as I remain committed to my work with the Samantha Wills Foundation in supporting young entrepreneurs, as much about the ins and outs of start-up business as well as being brave enough to make decisions with integrity, truth of heart, kindness, and authenticity.

It is the incredible SAMANTHA WILLS community who have been the heart and soul of this journey, and many of you have been with us since I had a little Bondi Market table with some handmade jewellery on it. I can never thank you enough for everything you have brought to the SW Team, myself, and most beautifully; each other. We look forward to speaking with you over the coming months as we celebrate this final run together, because as you would guess, we are not going out quietly.”

You can read Wills’ full statement, below:

Following her statement, Wills posted a video further thanking her community for all their support:

The team and I have been overwhelmed with kindness today – thank you so, SO much. ⠀ ⠀ The main question I have been asked is why would I choose to close instead of sell the business, as I state in the above videos, the SAMANTHA WILLS Jewellery Brand was built on heart, and as such my heart is simply just not made up of being able to hand that over to someone else to see what they do with it. It goes back to my belief in business is WHAT we do, but brand is WHY we do… and so that is why it was with my hand on my heart that I made the decision to close instead of sell.⠀ ⠀ We will be taking a few days to honour this decision, and as such we have chosen to cease any commercial @SamanthaWillsOfficial social media and for the next few days the team and I will be posting some of our favourite milestones over the years as we put our focus to planning what the celebration of the past 15 years of the brand will look like for you over the coming six month celebration finale – Thursday we will be back to business as usual. ⠀ With all my love and gratitude, Samantha x ⠀ Video: @ScottEhler / H+MUP @LizKelshMakeup ⠀ All Media Enquiries: @22MGMT – [email protected]

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SAMANTHA WILLS Jewellery will continue trade until the end of January 2019. 

Image: Instagram / Samantha Wills