Sam Dastyari Challenges Ol’ Mate Pauline Hanson Over Her Cooked Candidates

Should Australia take Labor senator Sam Dastyari’s opinion on the quality of another political party’s candidates as gospel?


Still, Dastyari managed to lay down some wisdom on the candidates put forth by One Nation in several upcoming state elections – during a Facebook livestream with none other than party leader Pauline Hanson herself.

Flanked by One Nation senators Brian Burston, Malcolm Roberts and the Liberal Party’s Mitch Fifield, Dastyari used one of his first appearances alongside Hanson since last year’s incredibly tense Q&A duel to rubbish One Nation’s selection policy. 

In case you’ve been tuned out to the wild world of One Nation’s candidates, here’s a quick recap: one called single mothers “too lazy to attract and hold a mate.” One had some fucked and deeply untrue theories about the Port Arthur massacre. One posted wildly homophobic messages on social media. 

And that all happened in the past three months. 


In response to that seeming flood of objectively broken people attempting to hold sway in parliament under the One Nation banner, Dastyari said “I think you guys were taking some pretty funny candidates out there, you took the 9/11 candidate.
“By the way, I’ve got to say, two Queensland candidates that you dumped, that was the right thing to do. I do think you should still dump the 9/11 candidate, the one who thinks it’s not real, a conspiracy or whatnot.”
Hanson shot back, asking him if he really thought she’d take his advice. Amid chuckles from Hanson’s compatriots, Dastyari said “I think you should.

“I think when it comes to the fact that someone is out there, that they dispute whether or not 9/11 was done by Islamic terrorists… “
He was cut off by Roberts, who said “well, everyone knows it was the Chinese who did it.” The #bantz would have been better had they not come from someone who is a known conspiracy theorist, but hey. 
After conversation drifted to a number of other topics – including Hanson’s deeply fucking distressing approval of Russian leader Vladimir Putin “as a person” – Dastyari returned to the issue of candidacy, saying “I’m here to help. I’ve come here to try and help you guys. 

“But Ms Hanson, seriously. The selection committee. Please let me on.

“Some of these candidates, we can get rid of them. Some of these WA candidates of yours. Please.”
Dastyari maintained his stance in their deep-seated inability to hold office, mentioning “that crazy pastor,” and closed out by saying “I just don’t want you to have embarrassing candidates, mate.”

Again, this bloke is not exactly spotless – but hell, even in such a weird and contentious conversation, the utter loopiness found in some of One Nation’s would-be pollies kinda vindicates his stance. 

Catch the whole chat here: