Russian-Accented Bryan Cranston Confirms Mo Money = Mo Problems in Cold Comes The Night

Bryan Cranston, fan of Bryan Cranston, has one-upped the chilling, unnerving man who knocks Heisenberg in Breaking Bad, by unleashing a surprisingly un-clunky but endlessly distracting Russian accent in to the world as a money-hungry kidnapper in the upcoming film, Cold Comes The Night.

Where is ze money,” asks Bryan Cranston’s character Topo to Chloe (Alice Eve), the film’s protagonist. In director Tze Chun‘s film, Chloe, a struggling motel owner and single mother, is kidnapped by the near-blind, as yet inexplicably Russian Topo to be his accomplice during an elaborate retrieval of money from a crooked cop. The thriller will be released later this year, and is sure to be-still the mourners and Bryan Cranston-deprived once Breaking Bad rounds off its last season. Hearing Cranston dully mutter, “I will put bullett in your little girl’s ear” will be a strangely comforting and reassuring thing to lean on, in a post-Walter White daze.
Via THR.