Little town and quiet village where every day is like the one before, Bourke, in north-western NSW, is “more dangerous than any country in the world” according to an exclusive report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. 

Ergo, NSW can now lay claim to housing within its crudely sketched state-lines both the world’s largest natural harbour by navigational area and the most dangerous place in the known universe until proven otherwise [when compared with United Nations data that effectively renders Bourke “more dangerous per capita than any country in the world.“] 

The town of fewer than 3000 inhabitants has reportedly topped a list of the state’s crime hotspots “in six of the eight major crime categories in the past 12 months,” according to statistics collated and ranked by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research on local government areas. Sadly, Bourke – The Gateway to The Real Outback – is the site of the state’s highest rates of assault, grand theft auto and breaking and entering.

It’s followed closely by Sydney’s wretched CBD, which boasts the highest rate of robbery in the state (“more than double that of anywhere in NSW“) especially when the seasonal mood strikes, and an absolutely abysmal lack of parking options; a factor known to exacerbate rates of assault between kids with loose ends. Hotspots of urban gentrification including Marrickville (‘the new Paddington’), Parramatta and Randwick were also cited as having high rates of robbery, but also a great live music venues and a buzzing café scene that you’ve just got to check out, yes siree.

You can read the full report here.