Ruby Rose Unveils Signature Fashion Line

After parlaying her fame into DJ gigs, modeling jobs and free to air hosting duties, MTV VJ Ruby Rose has turned her attention to design with the recently unveiling of her signature capsule collection for Aussie streetwear label Milk and Honey. The range, which is slated to hit shelves in August, certainly mirrors Rose’s personal style with ripped denim, studded dresses and graphic singlets “adorned with messages of equality and self expression” making up the bulk of the collection.

I know, I know. The “Celebrity Fashion Line” typically entails some self-important jerk’s name emblazoned across garish sartorial abominations but easy as it is to dismiss signature collections as a symbiotic act of commerce, Rose has a loyal target demographic and I’m sure they’ll welcome her wearable designs with glee. Especially if they’re “adorned with messages of equality and self expression” and you’re the type of person who champions equality and self expression enough to feel compelled to sport messages of said virtues across your chest. And really that should be every human on Planet Earth. So yeah, good on her – I’m sure it’s not easy being a media personality-slash-DJ-slash-designer. My only contention is that Rose’s dog Daisy makes an appearance in one of the designs. Not too sure how I feel about that.

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Title Image by Caroline McCredie via Getty