Ruby Rose, once just a girl from the desert island known as Australia, is now a full-on Hollywood sensation. 
Ever since she played the role of Stella in ‘Orange is the New Black‘, Ruby‘s been catapulted into worldwide fame – she’s mates with Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, and now she’s appeared on ‘The Ellen Show‘ (the absolute height of fame, imo).
Watch below: 
Before the actor appeared however, she posted an image to Instagram speaking about her poor health, saying she’d been bedridden and needed a quick health boost. 

“When you have been bed ridden with the worst virus since Mexico but today you have to do @theellenshow and fly to London for the @xxxmovie premiere and you need ALLLLL THE HEALTH. LETS GO!!!! 

( p.s this is not an ad for #kreation they take all my money it’s why I have to work so much )”

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While those look like enormous injections, those are actually syringes filled with health-boosting juice combos. 
Kreation, the company that Ruby says didn’t sponsor her for the post but “takes all her money”, offer 4 different varieties for different reasons: Antidote, Beautify, Immune+, and Emer-jui-C. 
They also offer ‘Tonic Shots‘, including one called Antidote which claims to ward off illness, but “won’t kill off your healthy bacteria as it attacks illness […] unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics”. 
This all sounds bloody lovely, but honestly, this needlephobic writer is just relieved those aren’t gigantic terrifying needles. NICE. 
Source: Instagram / The Ellen Show.
Photo: The Ellen Show.