Romance Was Born Are Creating A Range For Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . . 


The COVERGIRL alliance recognised the plethora of female Star Wars fans begging for a makeup range that would aid in the recreation of their favourite galactic looks. Their cries were echoed by modern, fashion forward women looking for products more fierce than an angered Tusken Raider. So, to answer these calls, they created the COVERGIRL Star Wars Makeup Collection

To celebrate the range, Pedestrian’s teamed up with Disney and COVERGIRL to curate what could easily be the most incredible event of 2015. Keep reading for your chance to score tickets to the COVERGIRL x Star Wars party (none of which are available for purchase, soz-not-soz).

Aussie design legends Romance Was Born did us one hell of a solid/were super keen to get around the lil’ COVERGIRL x Star Wars shindig we’re throwing. 

The ultra-fab/ultra-chic/ultra-amazing design duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett are creating six custom pieces in the theme of the light side, and six in the dark. 
We caught up with them at their studio in Sydney’s Darlinghurst (a space that’s so cool it makes Mace Windu look like a dweeb) about their process/progress. 
“Stylistically, the whole vibe is something that I’ve always been interested in – I still have a Darth Vader clock in my room,” says Luke.
It’s a no-brainer why he’s got a soft-spot for the films. Luke shares the same name as a protagonist with publicly-recorded daddy issues. 
“Some of it kind of scared me,” says Anna. With two brothers, you’d imagine the force was forced upon her. 
There were several things that drew the duo to this project, including the want to make us all feel ‘nawwwwwww’ with nostalgia.
“A lot of what me and Anna do is based around nostalgia – that’s something that we tried to design into our work. That’s what’s exciting too – the old, but now new in context. How it’s game changing,” adds Luke. 
“The retro iconography but in a new context – hopefully through the textiles that’s how it’ll transform and come to life. We’ve actually always wanted to do something with galaxies so it’s nice timing for us,” says Anna. 
They’ve had a lot of time to think about the light side and the dark side while working on this project. For them, the light side shines through when everything somehow goes exactly to plan.
“When something actually works out, it’s such a surprise,” says Luke. 
For Anna, it’s more of a ~spiritual~ situation. 
“I like to think about the light side in people a lot – what makes you escape from the darkness.”
We’re having reoccurring premonitions that the collection/par-tay is going to be off the chain. 
To gain access to this v-exclusive farshun event: make sure you’re free on the evening of the 3rd of December, treat yo’ self to a COVERGIRL Star Wars Makeup Collection Product – available from November 2015 at Priceline, Big W, Woolworths, Coles, Target and Kmart and head to for all the info on how to enter your #COVERGIRLStarWarsAU selfie.