Romance Was Born and Kris Moyes Get Bloody

The last time Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett of Romance Was Born collaborated with Sydney Director Kris Moyes the trio mined Japanese Puppet Theater to concoct some truly kooky outfits for Architecture In Helsinki’s Heart It Races video. And though the trio’s latest collaboration “City Limits” is a little gloomier than a rapturous Architecture In Helsinki video (what isn’t?) it still takes irreverent tongue-in-cheek cues from the opulent excess of the 80’s and the wide-eyed shlock of gory slasher flicks.

Produced in support of Romance Was Born’s aptly titled AW/10 collection Nightmare On Wall Street, “City Limits” found its premiere in Melbourne last month alongside Dislocation (a haunting Friedrich Gray video look book Directed by Tim Richardson). And even though we’ve yet to see the RWB/Moyes collaboration ourselves the elegantly strewn models, syringes of plasma, fake guns, mountains of money and sexual tension plays out like a long lost Bret Easton Ellis novel (except with more glitter). Sounds like a winner to us. Check out the rest of the behind the scenes images below…

See photos courtesy of Sydney photographer Cara Stricker

Title Image by Ryan Pierse via Getty