Yes, that’s right, you did read “Robert Irwin” and “long-lost Hemsworth brother” in the same sentence. The national treasure has starred in his first ever fashion shoot with Stellar Magazine and all we can say is: “Crikey”.

Take a squiz for yourself and tell us we’re lying.

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That jawline and brooding stare? The perfectly coiffed dirty blonde hair?

Stellar was so right for saying this is Robert Irwin as we’ve “never seen him before…”. The ellipsis perfectly encapsulates how I am feeling about this situation.

robert irwin in tan jacket and green shirt
That smile… that damn smile. (Stellar Magazine / Christopher Ferguson)

The little freckles poking through that glowing, sun-kissed complexion?

Please, for the love of God, can someone drop this man’s skincare routine?

robert irwin in green shirt
In his best red and green Christmas fit. (Stellar Magazine / Christopher Ferguson)

His superbly curved Cupid’s bow and perfectly chiselled nose? The slightly furrowed brow? Even his ears are beautifully formed? I’m not quite sure how to feel.

As stunning as the entire fashion shoot was, one fit knocked the absolute wind out of me. Promote the stylist to editor-in-chief of VogueAnna Wintour has had a good run but can you imagine where the magazine would go with this kind of vision guiding it?

robert irwin wearing denim jack and jeans
A double-denim king. (Stellar Magazine / Christopher Ferguson)

Sorry Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake: you may think your 2001 double-denim moment at the American Music Awards were the most iconic chambray ensembles the world has ever seen but young Robert Irwin has eaten you TF up.

That popped collar? The wee thumb poking out of the pocket? JT could simply never.

The actual interview with Stellar was nothing short of a delight, with Irwin discussing moving through life without a father figure (spoiler alert: heartwarming and sad) and his love life (second spoiler alert: no one is on the horizon).

It would also appear that our little Irwin considers himself a bit of a style icon.

“I’ve actually become known as the fashionable Irwin,” he said.

“If my family were here, they’d definitely be giving me some heat from it.

“They like to joke about my ‘shants’ or short pants. But I think we can confirm that shants are fashionable, right?”

I honestly have no idea what a “shant” is but if the fourth Hemsworth brother says they’re stylish then I shan’t object.

Source: Stellar Magazine / Christopher Ferguson