Dig Through The Closet, R.M. Williams Is Taking Trade-Ins Of Any Old Boots For A $100 Discount

rm williams boots trade in discount

If you’ve been eyeing off a new pair of leather kickers this year, maybe trying to budget it in from all the saved-up pint money after pubs closed, well you’ll be tickled to know that R.M. Williams is keen to essentially buy your old boots for 100 bucks. Any old boots. For a solid discount on your shiny new RMs.

The beloved leather bootmakers have launched a trade-in system for the rest of October, where old leather boots or well-loved RMs can be traded in, and given a discount on the next pair of flashy new boots from the RMs range.

If you hand over a different brand of boots, you’ll score $100 off. But if you’re keen to reboot your wardrobe and trade in your very-worn-in R.M. Williams, you’ll get $150 off your new pair.

I’ve gone ahead and crunched the numbers here, and it means you’ll pay like $445 for a brand spanking new pair of Adelaide RMs instead of like $600. Look, I know they’re pretty exxy but these boots really do last you the rest of your days if you treat them well.

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The R.M. Williams team have good plans for your beloved old knockabout boots too – it’s not like they’re going in the bin or anything. Any traded-in soles that aren’t RMs will be handed on to be upcycled by the World’s Big Garage Sale.

As for the loyal old RMs that have carried their owners around for years, those boots will apparently be brought back to the workshops and refurbished for a new initiative that RMs is planning to launch in the future. But maybe hang onto those fancy silver ones from a couple of years back.

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If you’ve got an old pair of scuffed up boots that aren’t on the brink of falling apart, you can nip into your local R.M. Williams store between now and Sunday October 25 to sort out a trade-in.

And if you’re living in Victoria, you can organise to trade in your pair via mail while physical stores are still closed. The RMs team have detailed how Victorians can get in on the trade-ins over on the website.

So if you’ve had your eye on a fancy new pair of boots to kick around in, or you want to drop some big-ass hints about what you want for Christmas this year, I reckon see if you can trade-in your old leathers for a new pair of R.M. Williams. Because any kind of opportunity to score a discount on a pair of box-fresh RMs is nothing to balk at.