PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Instant Scratch-Its to get you thinking about how you would live it up if you had an extra $1k a week, for an entire year.

Folks, lately I’ve been feeling like I need to switch up my style severely. I’ve been rocking the same black jeans, white shirt combo for a good long while now and although I love it (and will totally still wear it), I can’t help but want to overhaul my closet and get a bit more luxe with my looks.

So I’ve been taking great pains to get my wardrobe in order (mostly because it makes me feel like I’ve got my life together, ya know?), and I’ve come up with a foolproof method of starting fresh for the new year.

And because I’m a generous soul, I’m sharing it with you. Happy tidying.

1. KonMari the heck out of your wardrobe

The tiny little angel of a woman, Marie Kondo, has invaded my every waking thought and shown me the light. The first step in her tidying up routine is to take all of your clothes and dump them in a big pile on your bed – yes, all of them. My pile was bigger than I am.

Then, any item that doesn’t bring you optimal joy gets turfed or donated. Doing it this way means you have a tangible idea of how much crap you have in your cupboards and will help you cull the wardrobe down severely so that you can revamp with all the space you now have for activities.

Seriously though, you’d be surprised how much utter rubbish you have hiding away in the back – and once you’ve got everything all folded nicely and upright, you’ll feel cleansed AF.

2. Buy some investment staples

This is where the bulk of your $1000 is gonna go, but you should be prepared – if you do this right, you won’t be purchasing as much as you think. One of the most money-savvy things you can do when it comes to your wardrobe is ditching the dodgy fast fashion.

Have a proper think about the kind of clothing you wear most often. For me, it’s pretty standard: black jeans, black shoes, black/grey/white top and a leather jacket. Because clearly I like a varied colour palette. Take that framework and do the research to replace them with higher quality pieces – it’ll be a bit more exxy but they’ll last waaaay longer.

So embrace that little luxe gremlin inside your soul, because the voice that keeps telling you to TREAT YO SELF is actually 100% in the right here.

3. Give your accessories an upgrade

Funnily enough, it’s not perceived as a great look when you wear costume jewellery long enough for it to stain your neck, ears and hands a lovely shade of Shrek green. Shrek may be love and life, but he’s hardly the fashion icon of the era (or maybe he is for you, so ya know, you do you).

In the same vein as the numero dos on this list, the better the quality the longer lasting your item will be. Classic pieces are far better for you (and the environment tbh) than any replaceable piece of plastic crap. Besides, keeping it simple is always in vogue.

I have a simple white gold necklace that I wear every single day without fail – I barely ever take it off outside of the shower. It cost a small fortune but it was my first real adult investment when it comes to aesthetics, so it holds a lot of value anyway. So get rid of all the Shrek nonsense unless there’s sentimental attachment, yeah?

4. Get fancy with storage

Once you’ve got a whole bunch of expensive items, you’re gonna wanna take damn good care of them so they actually last you – you know, the whole reason you bought them in the first place. No use investing in a big ol’ swishy maxi dress if you’re gonna crumple up half of it coz your hangers are too low.

So it’s time to teach yourself how to fold properly (apparently the creases are meant to go in specific places – who knew?), maybe get some hanging space or a portable hanging rack (they look cool as well, so it’s win-win) and maybe upgrade to a proper dresser while you’re at it.

And for an added touch, pop in one of those cute lil’ lavender pouches in the drawers so everything smells amazing. This is just a life tip – lavender pouches are the shit.

And yeah, this may sound like a pretty exxy thing to do, but it’d be stacks easier if you were copping $1K a week for a year thanks to a cheeky lil Instant Scratch-Its. To celebrate their new $2 Live The Life ticket (which you can pick up for yourself at your local newsagent) where you can win just that, we’re slinging you $1000.

All you gotta do is tell us HERE how you’d live it up if you won (personally I would buy the fancy boots that I have been eyeing off for approximately a year now) and you could wind up living the luxe life.

This week you’ve told us you’d throw your cash at a ridiculously priced pair of sneakers, so it seems like we’re pretty close to the same wavelength.

Instant win.

ENTER HERE Image: iStock / Ika84