The store placement of iconic Aussie takeaway joint Red Rooster has always been conspicuously different to other fast food places. They tend to stay out of inner-urban areas, dotting the suburban landscape with their large, red-roofed, freestanding buildings. 

One enterprising Twitter user even used a line of Red Roosters as a way of delineating the start of Western Sydney – a monolithic sociopolitical entity with no universally agreed upon start and end:

Well, that might be changing somewhat. Red Rooster’s undergoing a little bit of a company-wide whift, and part of that is a brand new shopfront style store which will allow it to invade the inner cities – where a big ol’ drive thru restaurant is completely impractical. 
The new small-formats are called ‘Reggies’ – after the iconic rooster mascot – and the first of them will open in April. The first round of Reggies will be Goulburn, NSW, Ashgrove, QLD, North Ward, QLD and Northbridge, WA.
Bloody give it to us. Give us some hot chook rolls in our inner cities. Bring us the kind of suburban culinary justice that only Red Rooster can supply.
Photo: TripAdvisor.