Rank Hacker Behind ‘The Fappening’ Sentenced To 18 Months In Federal Prison

Ryan Collins, the 36-year-old phishing scammer at the centre of 2014’s infamous “Fappening” photo breach, has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

Collins pleaded guilty to felony computer hacking charges back in May, after illegally gaining access to iCloud and Gmail accounts belonging to celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Upton.
His greasy mitts found their way into possession of hundreds of candid shots that were 100% not meant for public viewing by impersonating Apple and Google employees via email correspondence.
It’s believed he accessed at least 50 iCloud accounts and 72 Gmail accounts in what could constitute the most broadly-publicised phishing attack of all time. All told, Collins’ actions affected around 600 victims.

Interestingly enough, he wasn’t actually the one who did the leaking, and it’s thought a third party gained access to the images Collins stole before uploading ’em. Investigations are ongoing to find out which cretinous urchin threw the shots on 4chan and Reddit.

Collins was originally up for five years behind bars, but his defence whittled the term down as part of a plea deal. Still, we imagine it’s pretty hard to perv on someone’s private snapshots while you’re locked up in a federal prison.

Source: The Guardian / The United States Attorney’s Office. 
Photo: Karwai Tang / Getty.