Technical difficulties: you’d expect them at a five-bands-for-five-bucks bash at your local, but when they happen at one of the world’s biggest festivals – like, ooh, I dunno, Coachella – people tend not to take it so well.

Headliners and professional sad weirdos Radiohead left the stage not once but twice during their set at this year’s Coachella festival, thanks to the sound cutting out. 

According to fans in the crowd and watching the YouTube livestream, the issues began just three songs into the set, eventually cutting off the last two minutes of ‘15 Step’

The band walked off, came back on, started again – and the same thing happened during ‘Let Down‘, forcing them to leave the stage again. The crowd apparently could be heard gasping at the second sound stuff-up. 

And yeah, people certainly are letting their dismay be known on Twitter:

At least the band has got something of a sense of humour about the whole thing.

Source: Variety.

Image: Kevin Mazur / Getty.