Racing Season Farshun: Looks For On And Off The Track That Don’t Suck

Now that Spring has sprung, chuck on some deodorant and get out there in the heat, gurlfrand. It’s been a while since the last stretch of warm weather, so you might be scratching your head for fun summer ideas. Also, if you’re like us, you probably spent all of your $$$’s last weekend and now you can’t afford to do diddly-squat. Don’t worry, OVI Hydration  the hydration infusion with fruit juice, honey and antioxidants from green tea – has you sorted. They’re giving away experiences to infuse your summer with goodness – with prizes including: a fabulous trip to Singapore for The Longines Gold Cup, and a long weekend of R&R in Bali/BULKOS MORE. Hop over to their Facebook page and fang ’em a like to keep in the loop. Oh, and while you’re at it, follow them on Instagram @ovihydration to cover all your bases
Spring is like:
With it comes clean homes (lol jokes, ain’t nobody got time for that), extra sunlight and most importantly, ‘Gramable flora. 
For many though, the fetchest element of Spring is: 
We understand that horse racing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who’re all about fashurn and rubbing shoulders with celebs, there ain’t nothing better. 
For the aforementioned (peeps that are all like ‘yasssss, zomg Spra-ring rah-ay-zing’) we thought we’d throw together a lil’ something-something on styles for the season.
To cover all bases (for those who aren’t terribly fazed with the whole thing), we didn’t want to just highlight looks exclusively for the series. Instead, we’re showcasing pieces that can be worn for all occasions interchangeably, as well as styles inspired by the season that can be sported everyday. 
We called upon the gawjus darlings at Beginning Boutique to point us in the right direction of what’s hawt and what’s naht.
“I would definitely say younger people are moving away from traditional race-day styles with less headwear and shorter hemlines,” says Sarah Timmerman – owner of Beginning Boutique.
“But with this comes more daring styles that are refreshing to see.” 
If you don’t like jumpsuits, well, we don’t want to know you. 
For those who do, check out these bad-boys:
“Jumpsuits are a great spring wardrobe addition that can easily transition from work or weekend wear to a classic race wear look that’ll sweep everyone off their feet. Opting for a neutral shade will allow for your accessories to do all the talking, whether it’s printed flats and a blazer for the office, or strappy heels and a headpiece for the races.” 
Wrap Dresses are so, like, on-trend/fleek/point this Spring. 
“Wrap Dresses are everywhere at the moment and I think this style is going to easily transition to race wear. Super long straps mean the dress can be tired a hundred ways – halter, sleeved, one shoulder – anyway you like.”

“This is perfect for someone who is attending a few Spring Racing events and doesn’t want to splash out on a new outfit each time. Simply change the way you wrap it, add some different accessories and it’s as good as new.”


They’re fierce as all hell and something worthwhile getting your paws on. 
“Statement sunglasses are a must-have accessory this Spring. They will make any outfit stand out and are very practical if it’s a sunny day on the track.”  

Now that you’re all sorted with what to wear, it’s time to suss where to wear it.
How does a glam AF trip to Singapore for The Longines Gold Cup (the jewel of Singapore’s Spring racing season) sound to you? It’s definitely a step-up from the comparatively meh races we’ve got going on in this neck of the woods.
Our pals at OVI are giving away the chance to jet off for the event, including luxurious accommodation and heaps of ultra-glam goodies.
OVI Hydration aren’t just giving away things for the hell of it. They’re all about infusing your summer with memorable experiences and taking advantage of the warm weather that’s always gone before you know it. 
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