Rachael Taylor Covers Marie Claire’s “I Do” Issue

Actress Rachael Taylor fronts the cover of the latest issue of Marie Claire and joins (what’s a good collective noun for Australian media personalities? A ballroom? A red carpet?) a whole bunch of Australian celebrities, creatives and athletes who have signed on as part of the glossy’s “I Do” campaign, which champions marriage equality with those other vocal proponents of change and rookie thespians, GetUp.

With an impressive roll call that includes designer Akira Isogawa, Jayson Brunsdon and Alex Perry, actresses Rachel Griffiths and Sophie Lowe, Olympic gold medallist Matt Mitcham, department store ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale, Mel (why is she here again?) B, prolific tweeter Charlotte Dawson, Brian McFadden, newly minted Wallabies captain Dave Pocock, artist Del Kathryn Barton, Jake Stone and Stav Yiannoukas from Bluejuice, Greens ex-senator Bob Brown and Paul Thomas, Magda Szubanski, Chris Brown (the Bondi Vet, not the fist throwing singer), Ruby Rose (interview about lesbian dating here), career resurgent Missy Higgins, and Our BFF Delta Goodrem, MC’s “I Do” issue also comes with a pretty straight forward letter from editor Jackie Frank, which does a pretty good job of telling it how it is from the perspective of her magazine (an edited extract appears below):

When I got married more than 15 years ago, I was able to declare my love for my husband in front of my friends and family, and have it recognised under Australian law. It angers me that this basic human right is not open to all Australians. We live in the last developed, English-speaking country in the world whose leader hasn’t expressed support for marriage equality. The last one…

Couples wanting to marry regardless of their sexuality should not have to wait eight years, like the mothers of Australia were forced to. Love is love. If you care about equality for all people – whether you’re gay or straight – we need your voice. Join us in our push for change.

You can sign GetUp’s petition to end marriage discrimination here, or see a play about the issue here.