First of all, to address the headline elephant in the room, it goes:

  1. Bobby
  2. JVN
  3. Tan
  4. Karamo
  5. Antoni

Yell at me about this if you must but I have spent an extremely large amount of time thinking about it and fine tuning that ranking so if you’re gonna come at me you’d better have your receipts.

With that said, the Queer Eye lads might already have one fashion expert in the their ranks, but they’re about to get another thanks to Karamo Brown and his newest extra-curricular business venture.

Karamo, as it were, is now set to launch his very own line of bomber jackets, taking his signature look from the show and imparting it upon the masses.

Karamo spoke to Variety about the upcoming biz, noting that the jackets are going to be unisex, and they are gonna be sparkly as all hell.

It’ll be coming very, very, very, soon. We’re starting with a small collection, and it’s going to be unisex. It’s going to be all sorts of patterns from things that are sparkly to things that are floral to things that you can wear to work.

Old mate confirmed the good news on Twitter a hot minute ago, crowing about the upcoming line with great glee.

A line of Karamo-branded bomber jackets. Probably the most painfully Karamo thing he could’ve done TBH. It’d be like if Tan filed a trademark on the phrase “French Tuck.

It’s definitely not the first time one of the new version of blessed angels known as the Fab 5 has ventured outside the Netflix show. Antoni will soon open what he describes as a “fast-casual food concept restaurant” in New York City, while Bobby will soon launch a line of home goods.

So, basically, Antoni’s gonna gussy up some guacamole and pause for rapturous applause while Bobby fixes your dang house without so much as breaking a sweat.

Par for the course, really.

Source: Variety
Image: Getty Images / Emma McIntyre