Queenslander In Kayak Surprised By Shark Deciding To Eat A Chunk Of It

In the grand scheme of things that a shark can bite off you, the end of your kayak rates solidly in the ‘not so bad’ sector. The following things are much, much worse:

  • leg
  • arm
  • head
  • dingus
Nevertheless, the kayak thing is annoying. A man kayaking in Moreton Bay had the end of his board chomped off, about 8km away from the Brisbane mainland. He was paddling with a group of friends when the shark gave his board a sizeable nibble. 

Water police pulled the man from the ocean about 4pm, uninjured but shaken. The 6.5m kayak had a very solid chunk taken out of it.
Sergeant Gordon Thiry from Brisbane Water Police said it was lucky that they found him in time, and reminded people to take proper precautions before going out. 
“We would encourage anyone heading out on the water to always wear a life jacket, carry an EPIRB and make sure you let someone else know where you’re travelling to and how long it will take,” he said.
Source: Courier Mail.
Photo: Queensland Police.