QLD Police Cop An Eyeful As Car Thief Dacks Himself During Foot Chase

Much like a lot of the things that happened in ‘Lost‘, sometimes shit happens and we’ll never ever, ever know why. Like for instance, why did this dude fleeing from the cops decided to take his pants off?
Brisbane police started chasing the 23-year-old from Woodford after they spotted him driving a stolen vehicle in Oxley and followed him in a copter all the way to Redbank Plains where they watched him run through a bunch of backyards, stop to take his pants off and throw them in a bin, and keep on running, all in high-tech infrared.
Were they restricting his movement? Had he shat himself at some point during the car chase? Was he worried sniffer dogs would track him by pants smell? Did he think maybe the cops wouldn’t be looking for a man with no pants on? Did he just hate those pants? We’ll never know.
He was eventually caught by a canine unit, and was apparently wanted in court for a bunch of other charges including theft, receiving stolen goods, driving without a license and having a knife in a public place.
RIP those pants.
Source: The Age.
Photo: Queensland Police.