Firefighters attending a house fire in the Gold Coast brought a dog back to life after performing CPR, and if that doesn’t warm the very cockles of your heart then I’m sorry to have to tell you, but you are bad. Sorry.

The fire started in the garage of the Highland Park home before jumping to the front room, with QLD Firefighters confirming to PEDESTRIAN.TV that when they arrived at the property shortly after 11:30am, it had been engulfed in flames.

Channel 7 reports that a neighbour, knowing animals were trapped inside, ran inside the house and managed to rescue two of the dogs.

Firies then performed CPR on one dog – a blue heeler – that had stopped breathing, bringing him back to life before putting him in an animal ambulance to the animal hospital.

Channel 7 reports that a cat was also rescued, but sadly firefighters confirmed to P.TV that two dogs and three cats are still unaccounted for. They also confirmed that four guinea pigs had been rescued, but one was sadly found deceased.

Photo: Channel 7.