Qantas Passengers Experience The Shittiest Flight Of All Time

It was Smells On A Plane (the horrific real life sequel to Snakes On A Plane) after a bout of mid-flight gastro besieged 26 passengers on a Qantas flight from Santiago to Sydney last night. The viral outbreak resulted in what the Sydney Morning Herald succinctly describes as “a mass vomiting and diarrhoea episode”, augmented with lots of zoning out to their happy place for members of a Melbourne based touring party who had most likely contracted the disease while in Brazil attending World Youth Day celebrations in Rio de Janeiro.

“It is believed the illness was contracted before boarding the aircraft and symptoms became evident during the flight,” a Qantas spokesperson said. “The aircraft has been met by medical staff to look after the unwell passengers. As a precaution, other passengers have been advised to keep a close eye on their health over the next 24 to 48 hours and seek medical advice if they become unwell.”

The vessel was subsequently burnt out in a junkyard placed into quarantine and disinfected.

What a shit way to end you holiday.