A Psychic Accurately Predicted A Year Of My Life & I Am Spooked

Let me start by saying there are few people more skeptical about psychics than me. The industry’s got a rep for being riddled with con artists and fakes who systematically weasel grieving folk outta their hard earnt dollarydoos.

And, while that’s still undoubtedly the case in a lot of instances, I completely changed my tune when I spoke to a psychic who accurately predicted the next year of my life.

Rewind back to the beginning of the year when I wrote a story about astrology and ‘astro twins’ (very interesting concept – I won’t go into it here, but Google it). As part of my research, one of my friends recommended I chat to an Aussie psychic she’d seen before called Sharona (henceforth, Shazza), who’s a pro on all things astro-related. After the interview, Shazza asked if I wanted to opt into a 30 minute psychic reading and I thought ‘eh, why not?’.

For context, my friend told me about an over-the-phone psychic reading she’d had with Shaz a few years earlier which totally freaked her out.

One of the spookiest things my friend recalled was Shaz telling her that there was a soul she’d cross paths with in every life time. My friend was like, ‘mmmmm okay’, and then the psychic said she was going to draw a picture of this person and send it over text (‘cos this reading was over the phone, remember?).

When my friend opened the image Shazza had send, she proper freaked out. It was a picture of HER HUSBAND, even down to his glasses and very distinguishable moustache.

So, when I was offered a reading, I said ‘yes’ – because why not?

[jwplayer t3015h2z]

It started with Shaz asking for my birthday, which had me like ‘here we go….’.

Side note: Throughout the reading I was determined to say as little as possible on the off-chance she might be one of those people who fishes for leads. Occasionally she’d ask a question and I’d respond with ‘yes’, or explain why something was actually kind of accurate, but I kept my dialogue to an absolute minimum.

The psychic started talking about my family. My parents had just moved back from overseas where they were working. Then she starts talking about why they moved back (which was because of work).

… reg… Greg*. I’m getting a Greg, does that make sense to you?” she asked. Without going off on a huge tangent, Greg was the reason they moved back. So I acknowledged it was accurate.

‘Ok, that’s odd’, I thought to myself, and simply put it down to beginner’s luck.

Next she moved onto my dating life.

She said she could see a good lookin’ lad with brown hair who had a connection to Melbourne.

She also mentioned the name ‘David’ and said he someone close to him, like a father, pass away. I admitted this was kind of accurate because, at the time, I was seeing someone who vaguely matched that description who occasionally went down to Melbs for work. His name wasn’t David though and his dad was distant, but still very much alive.

Anywhoo, fast-forward six months and I’m now seeing someone with the last name David who’s father passed away when he was young.

Old mate then asked if I had any questions of my own, so I probed her a bit about work (I want to move to London one day and so I’m curious as to whether that’s gonna happen) and my family.

She talked briefly about London and said this would probably happen, but not until next year. She did, however, say I was going to have a new job in the same industry near the end of this year.

Shaz suddenly asked if I knew someone called Emma. I replied, ‘No’. And she said, ‘Let me see…. Yep, it’s definitely Emma.’ Then I remembered there was a girl I used to work with by the same name who’d recently moved to London, so I convinced myself that this must be the connection.

Long story short, I have just started a new job in Oz through a person I met a few months after my reading. She’s called Emma.

Spooked yet?

When I mentioned my psychic encounter to the Pedestrian.TV office, another girl said she’s also seen Shazza, and her results are just as freaky deeky.

The psychic knew the number and colour of the girl’s house, knew when she’d get a new job, said that she was at crossroad in her relationship (she was).

S-Dawg then accurately predicted the girl’s current boyf (down to his hair colour and the first letter of his name) and even knew details about her family members who had passed away, along with how.

According to my colleague, all of this was spookily accurate, folks.

Lastly, S-Lizzle said she will have twins one day and, well, that’s still a daunting TBC.

In short, this psychic has completely transformed what I, and everyone I know who’s seen her, think about the psychic world. While the reading didn’t change how I acted in the months that followed, it definitely gave me a good ol’ fashioned spook.

I’m also a lot less cynical about the whole ‘I can see the future’ thing because, despite the fact it still makes ZERO sense to me, at the very least, the reading was still hella fun. Sure, she could’ve just got like really lucky, but I’m not so sure.

For those curious to find out more about Sharona, check out her site here. Disclosure: she gets booked up for weeks in advance.

Let us know if you’ve had a spooky psychic experience, or know someone who has cos we definitely wanna know.

* I’ve used pseudonyms throughout this story (cos obvs), but you get the gist.