Producer Claims ‘The Apprentice’ Has Footage Of Trump Dropping The N-Word

What with the recent release of footage showing Presidential candidate Donald Trump saying he has non-consensually grabbed women “by the pussy” and so on, it was pretty dang obvious that the next building block in the tale would be this. 
Producers, some having worked on ‘The Apprentice‘, have come out swinging on Twitter saying that this is “just the beginning”, and that pleeeeeeeeenty of footage of Trump saying and doing gross shit exists – including his using the ‘N-word‘ racial slur. *Shocking*, right? 
US Buzzfeed has previously reported that ‘The Apprentice’ executive producer Mark Burnett – who is an avid Trump supporter – has been threatening employees who have access to the show’s unaired footage. This news comes after around 20 employees of the show spoke out about Trump’s sexist, or sexually abusive behaviour towards both contestants and crew.
Bill Pruitt, who worked as a producer of ‘The Apprentice‘ for seasons 1 and 2, posted this tweet about what other footage the producers have of Trump:

Producer Chris Nee quoted the tweet and added her own knowledge: that Trump allegedly says the ‘N-word’ on camera, and employees of ‘The Apprentice’ have a $5 million ‘penalty fee’ clause in their contract, to stop them leaking footage/information. 
She tweeted this at US ‘Shark Tank’ host Mark Cuban, as a request for him to cover the $5 million fee for anyone who leaks the footage:
She clarifies that this is information given to her by producers who have worked on ‘The Apprentice‘, she hasn’t seen said footage, and she does not have the power to leak it herself. 
She explains the purpose of her tweets was to give disclosure of the $5 million penalty fee, and request that Cuban donate the money to whoever does leak it.

While this scramble to find a $5 million donor for footage of Trump brazenly saying a racial slur continues, the rest of us ponder (despite footage of the man admitting to sexual assault having just dropped) if the N-word will be enough to lose him his position. 
But… probably not? Sexual assault, current and past misogynist behaviour, stumbling through a Presidential debate (Read: choosing to talk about his feud with Rosie O’Donnell rather than policies or anything of substance). Somehow, none of these were big enough. Is the N-word

UPDATE: Well-known ally of Hillary Clinton and founder of American Bridge, has told Buzzfeed that he’d happily pay the $5 million fee for someone to leak the tapes. 
“If a $5 million ‘leak fee’ is what stands between truth and total Trump implosion, sign me up.”
Source: Twitter / Jezebel.
Photo: Slaven Vlasic / Getty.