Living in Australia is pretty bloody tops but if your lusty heart has always craved the college campus experience, you can’t help but be a little devo when you see what people get up to in America. Sure we have boarding houses here but my god, they’re nothing like the shit you see in the U.S. If you’ve ever seen movies like Neighbours 2, The House Bunny or Legally Blonde – you’ve probably dreamt of running away and getting buckwild at a frat party (and honestly I wouldn’t blame you).  

Joining a sorority was one of my biggest dreams as a doe-eyed tween but sadly it’s not one that ever came true. Despite my best efforts to get on the university exchange program with uni, the stars just didn’t align and I had to settle for one too many toga parties at my Sydney campus instead. But my god, if I could’ve attended an American college I would’ve been on the first plane out. 

Well, it’s my lucky day because the good people over at Princess Polly have teamed up with the University of California (UCLA) for the collaboration of a lifetime.

Princess Polly
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As of today, the brand has released an exclusive collection of collegiate athleisure wear. Yep, it’s a dedicated line of comfy clothes decked out in the UCLA logo and it’s absolutely a vibe. Each item features vintage UCLA logos and designs that originated in the 90s and it’s dishing out major sorority house nostalgia. 

The 8-piece collection from Princess Polly features UCLA tees, sweatshirts and shorts and you better believe I’ll be draping myself in all of it. I simply must own it all and I must own it now. Prices range from $55-$90 with the puff jumpers being the most exxy items in the collection. You can pick up an emblem tee for $60 or go a little cheekier with a cropped number for $55. I’ve already added the vintage puff jumper in off-white to cart and my spidey senses say it’s going to be a favourite so I’d move quickly. 

I know what you’re thinking, do you really need another tracksuit? The short answer is yes. Athleisure wear has been having a big moment considering there’s basically no reason to leave the house these days so it’s the perfect excuse to get comfy as hell and look cute doing it. 

Princess Polly
Image: Instagram @taylu_me

I’m going to be wearing this to the shops, to work and wherever I damn well please, really. So far, they’ve been styled with everything from skirts to jeans and even the matching shorties if you feel like going the whole hog. Princess Polly have lots of style inspo so be sure to hit up their Instagram if you’re keen for more ideas. 

Who knows when we’ll be able to hit up the USA again and my dreams of pledging allegiance to a sorority are long behind me. This chic collection is as close as I’ll get to being an American girl and I’ll gladly accept that. As long as I have the merch it’s basically like it happened. 

California, here we come. 

Shop the Princess Polly x UCLA range here.

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