Prince Harry Is A Single Lad Again

Prepare your passports, ladies. The wild child Prince of the House of Windsor is back on the market. After a two-year relationship, Prince Harry has consciously uncoupled from Cressida Bonas, permanently ending all speculation that yet another Royal engagement was imminent. It’s certainly sad news for the former couple; breakups are rarely pleasant, and high profile ones doubly so. But on the flipside, the world just regained one of its most eligible bachelors. That and the world’s media is crossing its fingers for Harry’s mourning period to yield characteristically epic results.

The quiet word going around the traps is that poor Cressida simply grew weary of the public spotlight and emotionally demanding drawbacks to dating a Prince. After appearing together for the first time at a public event, the media took this as a clear sign that wedding bells were on the horizon. However it was this, apparently, that provided the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.
Though official sources maintain that the relationship is merely “taking a breather,” it appears that Bonas harboured worries about the pressures and sacrifices one must make as a Princess-in-waiting, including abandoning any and all intentions of pursuing anything a normal person might consider to be “a career.”
So now Uncle Harry is riding the one-way train to Dumpsville. Poor guy. But there’s nothing on Earth that a little time, and a few pints of the landlord’s finest, can’t fix.
But the bottom line here is that, at least in theory, your chances to be Aunty Whoever to the not-many-months-old future King George are still wide open. So, if that’s a thing that you’re into, we suggest a hasty dash to London and assimilation into its upper classes as soon as humanly possible.
Naturally you’ll need to look believable, so upgrading your surname to something suitably upper crust is in order. Withington-Smithe, Chesterfield, Harrington, Pepperingtonsmithchesterwell. All winners. Go for it!
Photo: Carl Court via Getty Images.