Prince George Snubs High-5 From Canadian PM / Lowly Peasant Justin Trudeau

Let’s get one thing straight: the Royal Family of the United Kingdom are a group of leeches merely counting down the days until their ossified, necrotic institution is cast into the sands of time and forgotten.
But until that happens, they still hold a bit of flex in Commonwealth countries. Prince William’s family is currently visiting Canada, and the big yarn to come out of that is that baby Prince George, destined to rule as a cruel despot over the British Isles, simply refused to high-five Canadian PM / lowly peasant Justin Trudeau.
Look at this. Whatever your feeling about Trudeau, he is a democratically-elected leader that this little shorts-wearing boy-king sees fit to snub. Bah! Guards! Take him away!
Look at this kid. You just know that he wishes he still had the royal power to behead people:
Despite the snub, Trudeau seems keen that the Royal Family is visiting. “I want to commend you and thank you for introducing our part of the world to Prince George and Princess Charlotte,” he told the Duke and Duchess. “Although let me caution you from my own experience, if they are anything like our kids, getting them back on the plane after a visit to our beautiful west coast will really be a challenge.”

Ban the Royal Family.
Source: TIME.
Photo: YouTube.