PREVIEW: Strummer SS2011-12 “Halcyon Days”

With the Spring/Summer 2011-12 collection “Halcyon Days”, Sydney label Strummer has the ease and effortlessness of a spontaneous backyard picnic on a summer’s day. It’s the kind of wearable, modern collection that feels good to wear; and with a fabrication of cotton, overdyed drill, lightweight flannel, denim and chambray that’s pretty much guaranteed.

In the lookbook images below you can see that Strummer has introduced its first men’s collection which Strummer designer Edwina Hagon collaborated on with Sydney-based furniture and product designer Henry Wilson. We asked Edwina a few questions about her new collection…

Pedestrian: What’s the inspiration behind the ‘Halcyon Days’ collection? The collection is based around time – looking back and looking forward, making decisions about your future and then having retrospect on those decisions and what has amounted from them, memories of the idyllic moments and the translation of these into the future. Controversial cult 60’s folk singer Vashti Bunyan loosely inspired the collection. There are subtle undertones of her journey from burgeoning London singer, to the countryside and back again though the ‘London Love’ shift dress, the soft suede ‘Vashti Tunic’ and the check ‘Cotton Picnic Skirt’.

Tell us a bit about this lovely campaign? The collection was photographed by Ted O’Donnell who has photographed the majority of our collections from the very beginning – we had always talked about getting together and shooting a campaign so it is exciting that we finally made it happen.

I collaborated with Henry Wilson on the campaign and it is his family boat shed that we were able to use as the amazing location. They have owned the boat shed since the 90’s. Harpers BAZAAR actually also did a photo shoot at the boat shed around 1996. We wanted a nostalgic, 70’s feeling for the images. We wanted a sense of mystery and for the viewer to question who these people are, and want to know more about them.

You design clothes for both men and women – is the design process the same for both? Is it harder to come up with trends/designs for one or the other? Henry was totally in charge of the men’s side and designed all of the accessories which crossed over for men and women – we would talk ideas over and make sure we were both happy with the final decisions for designs.

Describe the Strummer wearer: The Strummer wearer is easy going and comfortable in their own skin. They are flexible and like to be able to move in a variety of circles and scenes.

Strummer’s Spring/Summer 2011/12 collection, “Halycon Days”, will be dropping into stores nationwide in August.

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