Prep Yo Dicks & Clits: The World’s #1 Sex Toy Store Just Launched In ‘Straya

Guys, how good is sex? It’s actually, in our opinion, very good and we simply can’t recommend it enough.

Other things that are good? Sex toys! Mucking around with some buzzing, rotating silicone or shiny metal clamps is always a ripper of a way to spice up a sexual relationship, or even to change it up a bit when you’re going to town solo, you independent woman who don’t need no man you!
In our quest to bring you the sexiest God damn content this country has, last night P.TV’s Mitch hit up the Aussie launch night for sexual happiness legends Lovehoney, and got to try out (well… not fully) the latest in dildos, butt plugs, clit clamps, nip whips, sex wax, lubes and Jesus Christ in heaven, so, so much more.
Check out all the filthy goodies we got our grubby mitts on in our Snapchat video below:
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