Precious Lil’ Egg’s Owner Fined $1000 Over That Whole Dognapping Fiasco

The owner of sweet precious baby Egg the Pug has been fined $1000 for spinning the tale of Egg’s so-called dognapping – or, as Burwood Local Court officially called it, making a false report resulting in a police investigation.

Qiushi Xia, 29, told police on February 9th that 14-week-old pug had been taken at knifepoint by three men at Olympic Park. Xia even provided descriptions of the men: around 30, of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance, two slim and one of a larger build and sporting a goatee.

However, it later transpired that Egg had actually died while choking on a dog treat, and Xia had made the whole thing up to hide the truth from his girlfriend.

“I threw pug’s body into Parramatta River because I couldn’t think of a better way,” he said outside

“I [didn’t] want my girlfriend to find out our dog is dead because it’s the second dog we lost. I did all this to cover the fact that our dog died.”

The couple had a previous pug, named Pepper, who died choking on a dog toy.

Xia pleaded guilty to making a false report on April 6. On top of the $1000 fine, he’s also been placed on an 18-month good behaviour bond. 

Rest in peace, little Egg.

Source: SMH.

Photo: Supplied.