Prada’s Fall/Winter 2008 Lookbook

So often a fashion house will circulate some resoundingly plain and sterile lookbooks for their new collections. But once again Prada have excelled with this book of thoroughly striking images from their latest line.

Instead of a style-guide of how to wear the looks in the line, Prada’s aim is much more thoughtful. They want you to cut these pages out and frame them on your wall. It’s fashion colliding with art. And we love it.

The looks themselves are equally impressive, with the requisite big colours of the season, but also an emphasis on lace. And when we say lace we mean lace, lace and lots of heavy fucking lace. The shoes are sculptures, the silhouettes bold, and the menswear coming off as some vaguely-futuristic Gary Numan-esque type of thing. See the entire lookbook via Vogue