Look, I don’t play – and have never played – video games, so pretty much every game-related pop culture reference flies several feet over my head. And even I know that this is some cool (if hyper-nerdy) shit: Allen Pan, a YouTuber and “MythBusters reject” (his words), has automated his house to respond to tunes from ‘Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time‘.
If they’re played on an ocarina, obvs. 
The video of his audio-controlled house is rapidly going viral. It features Pan tootling a few notes on his plastic ocarina, which are translated via note recognition, a microphone and WiFi into a number of handy robotic tasks, like turning the apartment’s heat on, watering the house plants and calling his cellphone (the ringtone is Navi‘s immortal “Hey, listen!“). 
The whole thing is super cute, super dorky, and super timely considering the latest instalment in the Zelda series, ‘Breath of the Wild‘, has just been released to rapturous acclaim.
Check out the whole video below, and keep an eye on Pan’s YouTubeFacebook and Twitter accounts to see him, as he puts it, “try to make pretend things into real things“. An honourable quest if ever I heard one.

Source: Kotaku.
Image: YouTube / Sufficiently Advanced.