Posse Founder Wants to Teach You How to Run a Business Good

Rebekah Campbell knows how to start a business. Kicking off her entrepreneurial career at age seven, selling flowers cut from her mother’s garden, she quickly learned how to market herself and get people’s attention – balloons. Sadly, balloons don’t cut it in the grown-up world but that hasn’t stopped Rebekah – she’s already onto her second successful (grown-up) startup.  

Since the flower operation, Rebekah’s dabbled in selling golf balls (aged eight), putting on a music festival, running a radio station, founding her own music management company Scorpio and creating the world’s first social media search engine, Posse.com. Not bad for a girl who’s not even 35 yet.

Launching in 2010, Posse started out as a way to get people to music gigs by offering fans incentives to sell tickets to their friends. Shifting the focus to retail in 2012, Posse now calls upon your friends to tell you where to go. All you’ve gotta do is type in “good bar” or “gym” or “orange mocha frappuccinos” and your posse will tell you where find the best one. Neat huh? Means you no longer have to be that annoying person on Facey asking your m8s where to find the finest grub.  

Pitching to the likes of Google Maps founder Lars Rasmussen, Twitter’s Bill Tai, and Simon Rothman of eBay (and getting them on board!) means Rebekah knows a thing or two about the entrepreneurial world and scoring that much-needed backing.  

If you’ve got an idea for a business, whether it be an app, an online venture or something vastly different, one thing’s for certain, you’re going to need money. If you’re all outta balloons, sign up for Rebekah’s Pedestrian Coach session on developing your start-up. You’ll get all the advice you need, from raising funds to raising Facebook friends and everything in between. 

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