The Most-Searched Halloween Costume Of 2018 Will Make You Say ‘Me Scuse?’

Halloween is fast-approaching, meaning the frantic, last-minute dash for a costume is nigh.

As is tradition, in the lead up to Halloween, Google conduct their annual dive deep into their stats to round up the most popular costumes based on search traffic. The top costumes are then compiled into what they call the ‘Frightgeist’ (cos the pun game is strong over at Google HQ).

You can use these findings to either inspire your outfit, or act as a guide of what to avoid due to the high likelihood of a double-up at that house party – up to you.

As a gauge, last year’s top three spots went to Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and the generic ‘clown’ costume.

But 2018 tells a slightly different story, with a very unexpected (and gamer/comic-heavy) list.

1. Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games

Taking out the top spot is Fortnite, with searches for the video game going OFF. THE. CHARTS.

2. Spider-Man:

Credit: Marvel

The new Spidey movie and video game are also likely to thank for this bad boy getting so high. Bonus points if you invest in one of those web wrist devices, just sayin’.

3. Unicorn

Credit: Hasbro

We thought the unicorn/mermaid hysteria ended in 2017… but apparently not.

4. Dinosaur

Credit: Universal Pictures

Very scary. Much fright.

5. Witch

Credit: Netflix

Ok sure, the witch is a Halloween classic, but with the new reboots of shows like Sabrina: The Teenage Witch and Charmed currently in the works, we can’t help thinking this is more than just a coincidence.

6. Harley Quinn

Credit: Pinterest

Looks like the badass Suicide Squad bae made the list for the second year in a row, albeit she’s been bumped down a few rungs.

7. Superhero

Credit: Warner Bros

An oldie but a goodie, amirite?

8. Pirate

Credit: Disney

If you fancy donning the pirate life, look no further the OG Captain Jack Sparrow for inspo. Bottle o’ rum, optional.

9. Rabbit

Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

It’s not clear whether the searches for ‘rabbit’ are just people after the cute fluffy version, or if they’re actually lookin’ for a Playboy Bunny type sitch, à la Elle Woods or Bridget Jones – we like to think it’s the latter, you saucy minxes.

10. Princess

Credit: Buena Vista

Dressing like a princess never gets old tbh, but chances are Meghan Markle’s brought this very extra costume front of mind in 2018.