Anyone out there in need of some wildly impractical yet extremely fucking hot lingerie? Anyone?

Well, today is your lucky day. And so is this entire weekend, in fact. Iconically hot-fire lingerie brand, Pleasure State, is throwing Australia 40% off everything.


Let go in the Rosita Fortuna Contour Balconnet Bra, available now at #PleasureState.

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For example, why not cop the entire, extremely intricate D’Arcy Delatour set?

Lace detailing with our D'Arcy Delatour Soft Cup Bra via @teresa_vu #pleasurestate

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Or give their My Fit range – the go-to basics for loads of Aussie women, a good go?

Monday mornings in My Fit with @monika.clarke #PleasureState #MyFit

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Good lord, there goes my entire bank balance in one hit. I for one am hitting up the mildly confusing, “where does this bit go” Olga Ouvert set.

The sale’s running online right now, and the only exclusion is (obviously) gift cards. Hit em up asap before your size is gone, yeah?

Image: Pleasure State