Please Enjoy This Lovely Photo Of Very Small Simone Biles & Very Big Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal is 7’1″ tall – 211 cm.
Simone Biles is 4’9″ tall – 145cm.
Shaq is 66cm, or roughly two-fifths of a Danny DeVito, taller than Simone Biles.
What this means, other than the fact that Shaq is naturally better at dunking than Simone and Simone is naturally better at doing bulk flips than Shaq, is that any photo of the pair together is automatically guaranteed to be incredible.
And folks, the blessed day has finally arrived.
Presenting unto you all the four-time Olympic Gold medal winning gymnastics phenom, and the Big Aristotle himself.

You ever see those photos in Guinness Book of World Records with the tallest person in the world hanging out with the shortest?

Unless you can get Yao Ming and Hornswoggle in the same photo soon, this snap has gotta be some sort of record.

Photo: Simone Biles/Twitter.