Pip Edwards Casually Rekt The Daily Tele’s Years-Late Dig At Her Style

Design director for General Pants, stylist, and all-round legend Pip Edwards gave the Daily Telegraph / Sydney Confidential a nice lil’ Instagram shoutout at the end of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia yesterday. Probably not the kind they’d want, though. 

The Daily Tele decided to run a cute little ‘SPOTTED’ piece on her, using a Snapchat photo of her from years ago (when she had shoulder length hair). 
In the image, she’s at a convenience store with no shoes, holding her thumb in her mouth mindlessly as she waits in line to pay for a pack of chips and a bottle of water. They called her ‘dishevelled,’ and sarcastically said ‘it’s a tough job being glamorous’ as a conclusion. 
The Tele said the photo was taken this year, and implied her state must be ’cause Pip was so bloody tired after launching her new label at MBFWA, P.E Nation
Welp, Pip captioned the photo with a helluva slam-back, saying, 
“It sure has been a big week!!!! But unlike years ago, when my hair was this short when this photo was actually taken, I didn’t celebrate with chips and water whilst sucking my thumb??? 

This week, I raised a glass to MY hard work, a great TEAM, a kick ass show that received international support and recognition. 

Shame on you @dailytelegraph It must be a really slow news day today #farshun #realtalk #thisisbullshit #dailytele #sydneyconfidential”

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to the champ, who told us she didn’t want to comment further. We guess the Insta caption says it all, really.

Sydney Confidential and all gossip pages like it have nada shame – but you gotta try to learn ’em anyway, sometimes. Nice job, Pip. <3

Source: Instagram / @pip_edwards1.